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Bay Boats For Sale in Jacksonville, FL

These boats typically feature a flat hull, which allows them to navigate through shallow areas without getting stuck or damaged. At Yamaha Marine Center in Jacksonville, Florida, a range of bay boats are currently in stock and available. These boats come from top manufacturers like Crevalle and Regulator and are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different needs and budgets. Bay boats are ideal for fishing, cruising, and other recreational activities in shallow waters. With a spacious deck layout, ample storage space, and a range of features designed for anglers, these boats are perfect for those looking to explore shallow waters and enjoy the beauty of the local marine environment. The knowledgeable staff at Yamaha Marine Center can assist customers in selecting the perfect bay boat and can provide expert advice on maintenance and care. Visit us to shop for bay boats for sale in North Florida!

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2023 Regulator 26XO

2023 Regulator 26XO

Price $234,000.00
Sale Price $229,000.00
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