Boating Equipment Installation

Are you looking to make some additions to your favorite boat? Do you have the desire, but not the tools or experience? Are you unsure about whether to drill or screw through fiberglass? At Yamaha Marine Center of Jacksonville, we’re available to address all your boat mounting and boat equipment installation needs!

Whether you’re just getting started with the planning process or already sure about what you want to get done, we’re ready to help! We are happy to assist you in whatever way we can. If you have not made any specific upgrade decisions yet, our experts will go through all the options with you and give you recommendations based on their years of boating equipment installation experience. If you have already decided on what you want to have installed (such as an antique maritime wheel or additional seating), we can provide you with options and advice in that regard, too!

If you have ever tried to install new equipment on your prized boat by yourself, you may have run into some of the pitfalls often associated with DIY boating equipment installation. You might even have caused severe and costly damage to your boat as a result of a poorly-placed hardware attachment in the past. If you haven’t encountered these issues, count yourself lucky! Many a boat owner has learned the hard way that it’s very important to seek professional help for equipment installation.

Ready to get on board with finally making the customizations to your boat that you have been dreaming of? Wait no more and give us a call today! We will identify what your project requires, make recommendations if necessary, and get right to work. Note that if you’re looking for services related to the installation of boating electronics, we’re equipped to handle that as well. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We are authorized Garmin, FLIR, Power Pole & Sea Deck Installers.

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Marine Electronics Installation Service

Make Yamaha Marine Center of Jacksonville your premier source for all your marine electronics installation and electrical work in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. We handle the installation of boating electronics for all kinds of hardware. You may be looking for something simple, like a charging station or additional charge ports; we can easily accommodate such requests. Are you thinking about adding new A/V equipment on your boat? We’ve got you covered there, too. But beyond mere quality-of-life upgrades, we can install all of the various gadgets that you may need as you fish or navigate the open waters. These boating electronics include radar systems, sonar systems, autopilot systems, GPS chart plotters, fishfinders, and more. Some of these help you navigate, ensuring that you never get lost, while others help you locate fish, which is very helpful on the open water.

We’ve been providing these services for quite some time now and are experts when it comes to marine electronics installation. If you need any recommendations regarding the best electronics to choose for your boat, we’ll draw on our years of experience to assist you.

As a Garmin-authorized dealer, we carry and install licensed Garmin products, such as their chartplotters, fishfinders, ice fishing kits, transducers, Panoptix, sonar black boxes, autopilots, and more. When you buy Garmin products through Yamaha Marine Center’s installation service, Garmin’s standard one-year warranty doubles and becomes a two-year warranty as a result!

We invite you to come down to Yamaha Marine Center, where we provide boating electronics installation for all kinds of electronics and all kinds of boats. We’re the marine electronics installers you can trust, and with an incredible warranty on Garmin electronics, we offer the best bang for your buck. Give us a call today if you have specific questions about our electronic installation service! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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