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Parker Boats at Yamaha Marine Center of Jacksonville

Parker Boats is a proud purveyor of top-tier watercraft, and the Yamaha Marine Center team is thrilled to carry them at our dealership. Delve into the exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to quality that define Parker Boats. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a novice interested in the best boat brands to choose from, Parker may be the perfect manufacturer for you. From the calm, blue waters of recreational pleasure to the rugged demands of sport fishing and exploration, these boats are a testament to unparalleled design, reliability, and the spirit of maritime enthusiasts.

History of Parker Boats

The origin of Parker begins in the late 60s in the iconic Outer Banks. They’re headquartered in Beaufort, North Carolina, a region steeped in a legacy of boat craftsmanship that spans two centuries. In the heart of these challenging coastal waters, often referred to as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” boats became not just a pleasurable pastime but an essential lifeline. Parker emerged from this rugged maritime community and strives to embody the indomitable spirit of these waters in every vessel it crafted.

Parker Boats’ Mission

Parker promises three inflexible standards in each boat it produces: quality, strength and seaworthiness. These foundational tenets serve as the cornerstone of every Parker boat. With an unwavering commitment to these guiding ideals, Parker ensures that your aquatic endeavors are safe and enjoyable. Whether you embark on a day of fishing or a leisurely cruise alongside friends and family, your Parker boat will allow you to savor each moment on the water with utmost confidence.

Parker Boats at Yamaha Marine Center

Parker Center Console Boats

Center console boats from Parker feature their distinct Deep-V hull design, which ensures a smooth and dry voyage. This design works whether you’re into offshore fishing waters or choose relaxed open-water exploration alongside your loved ones. With an array of thoughtful features and customizable options, Parker allows you to craft a personalized fishing machine or leisurely pastime for the entire family. Rooted in the pillars of quality, strength and seaworthiness that define Parker’s legacy, their center console line is a spectacular choice for all sorts of boaters.  

Parker Sport Cabin Boats

The Parker sport cabin boat is the perfect option for maritime comfort that shields you from the elements and elevates your experiences. Seek refuge from the wind, rain and sun thanks to the cabin. Slide open the windows to allow a cool breeze or shut them to embrace the warmth. At the heart of the Parker sport cabin lies the deep-V hull, which guarantees a gentle, dry journey through the waves. The adaptability of this vessel means it’s capable of working as a rugged offshore fishing boat or a family-oriented cruising haven.

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Discover the pinnacle of boating excellence with our carefully curated selection of Parker Boats at Yamaha Marine Center of Jacksonville. We’re located off 295 in Orange Park, Florida, near NAS Jax and the Ortega community. We’re just over the Buckman Bridge, west of the intersection between Highway 17 and the West Beltway. You can’t miss our new dealership building!

Each Parker boat is a testament to quality, strength and seaworthiness. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of offshore fishing or the comfort of family cruising, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the world of Parker Boats. Visit Yamaha Marine Center of Jacksonville to shop an array of new and used Parker Boats for sale!

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